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    Retirement Villages: Yes or No?

    For a whole bunch of reasons, I’m looking at selling my home in one of MeIbourne's Bayside suburbs in the next 12 months. One option available to me is buying into one of the many Retirement Villages in Melbourne. So let me share some thoughts: Let's clear the air - retirement living is not...
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    Joint SMSF when spouse dies

    Hi sally and welcome to the Australian Seniors Community! I think I can help. :) As I understand it, upon death the balance of a SMSF accumulation account must be either paid out in full or transferred to the pension account of the remaining spouse. So what you (assuming you outlive your...
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    Five Tips to secure your financial future

    Financial Planning is a profession, and I'm not a financial planner. Not by a long shot. But I think I'm financially pretty savvy, so I'm offering these 5 tips which I believe will help secure your financial future. Ditch the expensive credit card Take a close look at your credit card and...
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    No need for expensive gym memberships to stay fit!

    In this post I'm going to explain how you can stay active without spending an arm and leg. Better to move those arms and legs! Walking is a simple yet incredibly effective way to stay active and to explore the world around us. No gym memberships or fancy equipment needed - just a good pair of...
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    A Balanced Diet with Intermittent Fasting

    It's becoming increasingly obvious to me just how important my health is now that I’m in my 60’s. As they say Health is more important than Wealth for us seniors. One of the most impactful ways to maintain our health is via the food we eat. Let's start with the foundation - a balanced diet. Our...
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    Victorian Seniors card for free travel and 5% discounts everyday spending

    One of the advantages of being of "mature years" is the access you have to the various discounts and deals specifically targeted to senior citizens. These discounts are offered by all kinds of organisations - state & federal government, big corporates, and even your small local businesses. As...
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    Embracing Retirement

    After almost 40 years in the workforce, I did it. For some reason I find it hard to say the words but yes, I retired. I’m a retiree! I haven’t got a job anymore. No more meetings, catching up with work mates, tight deadlines, demanding clients - and of course no regular pay cheque. For me, my...