Embracing Retirement


After almost 40 years in the workforce, I did it. For some reason I find it hard to say the words but yes, I retired. I’m a retiree! I haven’t got a job anymore. No more meetings, catching up with work mates, tight deadlines, demanding clients - and of course no regular pay cheque.

For me, my job wasn't just a way to pay the bills; it was a big part of who I am. In many ways it defined me. It gave me purpose, structure, and a sense of achievement. In future posts, I’ll explain what I did during my professional life and how I got to this point in starting a forum exclusively for Australian seniors. But for now I find myself wondering, "Who am I without that job title?” and “What do I do with all this newfound time?"

At just 63, I'm way too young to laze away the days doing Sudoku while drinking tea on the balcony. Retirement (THAT word again!) offers an incredible opportunity for me to redefine myself and to embrace the freedom to be who I want to be in this next chapter of my life. So, this is what I’ve done: I’m taking a 12 month “sabbatical” from my old working life in Melbourne. I packed up my house, rented it out, and hopped on a plane. I'm reconnecting with family & friends whom I guess I've neglected over the years. It's never too late to create precious memories and to make up for lost time!

And I've also started this forum. It will keep me busy and will provide a platform for me (and hopefully like-minded retirees) to share knowledge and experience as we all embrace our golden years. I’d love to hear your comments, so I invite you to join the Australian Seniors Community and join the party!