No need for expensive gym memberships to stay fit!


In this post I'm going to explain how you can stay active without spending an arm and leg. Better to move those arms and legs!

Walking is a simple yet incredibly effective way to stay active and to explore the world around us. No gym memberships or fancy equipment needed - just a good pair of shoes and a willingness to explore. I'm fortunate as I live very close to a Bayside beach which has well established walking paths. Armed with the podcasts I've downloaded to my phone, I spend an hour or so a day in solitary bliss catching up on news and current affairs while enjoying the fresh air and scenery. I probably walk about 4km and don't even consider it to be exercise!

It’s also important to maintain social contact. Consider gathering a group of like-minded friends and embark on activities that bring you together and get your hearts pumping. They can join you on your walks or perhaps orgainse something like lawn bowls or a round of golf.

If you're after a more structured and comprehensive exercise routine, remember the Canadian Air Force Exercise Plan. It might well be something your parents did back in the 60s! Also known as 5BX plan, it's a perfect fit for us seniors seeking an effective and simple workout routine that requires no special equipment.

The 5BX plan comprises a set of exercises that target various muscle groups. These exercises can be adapted to your fitness level, and the beauty lies in its gradual progression. As you become stronger, the plan challenges you to move up to the next level, ensuring a customized and attainable workout.

It consists of five basic exercises: stretching, sit-ups, back extension, leg raises, and push ups. Plus some cardio work such as running on-the-spot. Best of all it takes just 11 minutes a day - so no excuse that you have't got the time!

Whether you're taking a group stroll, following the 5BX plan, or enjoying the sights and sounds of nature during your daily walk, these activities will all help you stay active.
Thanks for reminding me about that Canadian program - my late dad used to do it every morning! I still remember the sound of him running on the spot in our lounge room.

The 5XB plan is designed for men. The female version is called XBX.

I'm keen to get started and googled them. While you can purchase copies of the program (probably with "added-value" stuff you don't need), there are free pdf's available online.

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